A4 UV Flatbed Printer

A4 UV Flatbed Printer 


1.Flatbed UV printer is used for print any flat product except textile, such as acrylic, wood, galss, plastic, phone case, pen, card, golf ball, flat glasses lag etc... 
2.Flatbed UV printer is directly print; for most material, no need coating, no need any treatment before or after print; it is one of them most convinient printing technology; 
3.UV print effect is the best, strongest and most stable; no only water proof, acratch proof, but also alcohol proof, sun proof... 
4.UV printer can print textured / embossing effect, hand feeling and visual perception are very good; 
5.Our UV ink is very good quality and cheap, it is very cheap for print white effect or print on black products.


Model conversion from Epson R330
Print head  orginal R330 print head 
Printing speed 4*6 inch/12s
Max printing size 160*300mm
Printing height 50mm
Printer/Packing size 650*470*430mm/765*555*535mm
Max Media Thicknes 50mm
Height adjustment automation
Operating System Windows 7/98 / Me /vista/ 2000 / 07/09/ XP/Mac/NT
Language English,Chinese
Led/Printer power 30w/60w
Software Photoshop, CoreIDraw, Illustrator, BR RIP, Micro Office etc


(A4UV printer -phone case printing 2)

A3 UV flatbed printer

 A3 UV Flatbed Printer

1. Direct printing onto DARK and light materials. Ep Jet UV printing system can realize the direct printing onto DARK and light case for various of Phone cases without any pretreatment. The printing is drying as well as printing and you get ready and perfect products immediately after printing.  
2. Photo printing quality. Equipped with EP printer head DX5, the UV A3 direct printing system realize the real photo printing quality with 2880*1440DPI. 
3. Fast production. A3 size printing needs 8minutes with highst resolution 
4. Long durability after printing. Applied with the USA UV LED lamp and UV ink technology, UV direct printing system is full of best combination between the UV LED lamp light length and ink characteristics. 
5. Easy operation. Based on Epson printing system,UV LED direct printing system is maximizing the advantage of printers. And the operation is just like official printer.


1pc*USB line,

1pc*RIP software-driven,

1pc*power lines,

1set*product manual cleaning and ink adding tools


(A3 UV printer - lots of phone case printing)

A4 size uncoating Flatbed Printer


1.NO coating card can print directly Mobile shell printer and PVC cards.

Been ten years since we released the R230 flat printer, now we finally have the new type A4 flat printer with a big step forward on the construction. For the epson R230 printer is out of market now, so here we release the new type A4 flat printer refitting from epson R330 printer.

New A4 flat printer for any material card (no coating) printing

For a long time, the card’s straight printing has been a problem, having no better solution except making the special coating ( it costs much), But now we have the new type A4 card printer, it can straightly print the pvc cards, and other cards with no coating and in any material, also, the printed card will be waterproof and anti-scratch.  


(A4 flatbed printer--2 Phone case cover printing)

A3 Size Flatbed Printer T-Shirt Printer 1390 Printer Head With Heat Fuction

What is Flatbed Printer?

Flatbed Printer is a kind of inkjet printer which can print on almost materials,such as:

Plastic,metal,glass,wood,stone,acrylic,leather,abs,tpu and fabric etc.;Usually we use two different inks,One is "Eco Solvent Ink"which is working on Plastic,metal,glass,wood,stone,acrylic,

leather,abs,tpu.Another ink is "Textile Ink" which just working on fabric.Sometime you may need to use different ink,but please note that,we need to clean the nozzle very well before changing ink,if let two different inks mixed together,your printer head will be clogged,which means that you need to replace a new one,it;s forever clog,can't be washed well by cleaning liquid.



(A3 flatbed printer -dark t-shirt printing)


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