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water transfer technology

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Product Description

Specifications︰Water Transfer products contain: water transfer paper, water tranfer ink.
Advantages︰1. Transfer both plane surface and blend surface, without coating or any surface disposal.
2. Wide transfered medium.
3. High precision color image, strongly waterproof.
4. Need Not transfer equipment or tools.
5. Simply transfer, need professional technical personnel.
Product Description:
Water transfer technology can transfer the mug, plate, metal, glass, wooden products, plastic crust, craftwork etc without coating, either it is plane surface or bend surface.
Transfer Method:
1.Print the picture on the water transfer paper.
2.There is no smear or dusty etc sundries on the transfered products surface, suggest cleaning it by alcohol.
3.Dip the water transfer paper into water for 5-10 seconds, so that the picture film can slip smoothly on the paper.
4.Orient the film on correct position, suitable to the products' decoration request, take out the bottom paper.
5. Clean the water transfer film both by rag and electrothermal blower, prevent causing buble because of wet film.
6. Dry it by electrothermal blower.

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