• Wigwag flat heat press machine
  • Wigwag flat heat press machine
  • Wigwag flat heat press machine
  • Wigwag flat heat press machine
  • Wigwag flat heat press machine

Wigwag flat heat press machine

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US $ 285 / set

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285 set

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Product Description

The character of product:
1.Electronic equipment control the temperature, high veracity.
2.The heated thread and heated board are together, safe,durable,distribute uniformity.
3.The plating motherboard is titanium fluating,prevent mucosity.
4.The motherboard is pure aluminium.The function is perfect.
5.The electronic equipment control the time, denote the singal when finish.
6. Adjust the presure anytime, convenient, fast.
7.The silicon pastern in the motherboard can endure high temperature, not change the shape until it is 350 centigrade.

Voltage: 220V
Power: 2250W
Weight: 40KG
Temperature Rate: 0—399℃
The time control range: 0-99 second


Transfer to the method of printing

Utilize ordinary paper to type it out which you need and to transfer to the pattern printed, then utilize sublimation equipment to transfer to it .Different medium transfer to and print, the time to heat is different, chemical fibre , applying the black silk ribbon and utilizing flat 180 degrees Centigrade of ironning machine, push down for 20-30 seconds!


The picture which transfers to be bright , abundant level have, result it can compare with printing favourably.
With print difference lie in hot transfer ito make sublimation ink to transfer to heat distillation under high temperature to print , permeate the object surface, form the vision with beautiful color promptly after distillation. Therefore,
it is the hot transfer to print by products the durable in use, can come off vision , full of cracks with fading.

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