L800 printer with CARDS Software

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Product Description

CARDS Software +L800 printer with CISS

Cards Software Operation Instruction:

Software suitable for the L800 printer that supports Office Excel 2003

Step One: Install the printer driver

Step Two: Install the card software + plugged in dongle, before you can use (install card software, computer anti-virus software will prompt a virus, click Allow or first exit anti-virus software)

Step Three: dynamic print, database generation. (Ready pictures, pictures on the computer E disk, formatted according to (name, department, job title, work number) on a folder to open the card software, click on the database - Click xls automatically generated, stored in the resulting Excel on the folder which put pictures.

Step Four: Click Import xls file, select the name, click the drop-down field, and the names, you can see the video is how to choose.

Step Five: Click on the preview - click Print

Step Six: If the card is static (static card represents only print one pcs), directly in the software among, click  “New - Edit - Preview - print.”


PVC card software, advantages as below :

1, The standard card 86X54MM, automatically adapt without size setting .

2, the printing position can fine-tune and automatically generate memory.

3, Automatically find suitable card printer, parameter setting perfect.

4, Bar codes, two dimensional codes, transparent chapter added functionality.

5, Can be achieved EXCEL database link print.

6, Can automatically capture photos (photo required by the provisions name),

and automatic generation of database tables, and database tables to edit.

7, Database links can achieve up to four photos associated.

8, Automatic identification of the printer's input tray dongle direction and

complete the printer settings and parameter settings.

9, Printing software is fully fit tray parameters.

10,Suitable for printing chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, chip and magnetic stripe position shielded position parameters can be set.

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