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  • HP Refill Cartridge

HP Refill Cartridge

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Product Description

In allusion to the high cost of original HP cartridge, we commend to use the Refill cartridge.

Installation Instruction

1.Take out the rubber plug
2 Put the vacuum pump into the ink tank.
3.Pull the inside gallbladder to its relative scale.The ink will be insorbed into the vacuum pump.
4.Insert the vacuum pump into the ink refilling hole of the cartridge .
5.Push the inside gallbladder time after time,the ink will flowed into the cartridge.
6. Finish refilling the ink, then put the stopper.
7.When the ink is used up, please refill the ink into the cartridge in time to protect from breaking the printer head.

When the cartridge is inserted into the printer, take off the stopper to make the air come in. Accompaning the ink comes down, the press will be increased.

When the cartridge is taken out , the stopper will be plugged to prevent from the ink flowing out and the dust.

To use in HP Cartridge:C4840A/C4841A/C4842A/C4843A/C4844A ,No. 10.
Suitable to the following printer:
Designjet 500/800/500PS/800PS series
Designjet 100/120/130/10PS/20PS/50PS
Deskjet CP1700 Professional series
Business Inkjet 2200/2250/2250TN series
Business Inkjet 2230/2280/2600/DN series

1. No leak ink, no print spot, no block when printing.
2. Refill time after time.
3. Refill simply, conveniently.

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