CY968 chip resetter

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The price of the original EPSON ink cartridge is expensive, how to decrease and save the cost of printing is our concern. The ink level of EPSON intelligent cartridge is recorded in the chip IC, which accurately records and controls the ink level. It cannot be reused even though the empty ink cartridge is refilled, and it results in high expense.
For Epson new printer, it is 9 pins chip, the old chip resetter can not use for it, Our company develop new chip resetter CY968. It reset the chip on the cartridge into a full mode. In this way, empty cartridge can be reused after the ink is refilled, save money 90%.
CY968 Resetter is versatility; it can automatically identify the type of ink cartridge, and then reset the chip on the cartridge into a full mode. This is the firstly compatible with New Epson intelligent ink cartridges ( 9 pins chip )in the market.

SpecificationsCY968 can be used on the following Cartridges Types:T0711/T0712/T0713/T0714;T0801/T0802/T0803/T0804/T0805/T0806;T0771/T0772/T0773/T0774/T0775/T0776;T0691/T0692/T0693/T0694;T0881/T0882/T0883/T0884;T0791/T0792/T0793/T0794/T0795/T0796etc。
CY968 can be used on the following Epson printers:
Epson stylus Photo R260/R265/R280/R285/R380/R360/1400/1410
Epson stylus:C120/D120CX4400/CX5000/CX6000/CX7400/CX8400/CX9400F/D78/D92/DX4400/DX7400/DX8400etc.



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