• Eco-friendly textile ink
  • Eco-friendly textile ink
  • Eco-friendly textile ink

Eco-friendly textile ink

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Product Description

Textile ink uses water-based ink to produce picture accuracy, and can be applied to uncoated or coated substrates.
Ink: colorful, experience real visual enjoyment
Environmentally friendly water-based ink effectively protects the nozzle, no cyclohexanone, no waste, no odor
The particle diameter in the ink is less than 0.1mm and tends to zero. At the same time, the ink density is closest to the standard density, so the color is more realistic and natural
Wide color gamut, beautiful and gorgeous color display, high-definition printed image, full and bright color
Has extremely high physical and chemical stability, strong color reduction ability, good fluency, no clogging of the nozzle, no pile of ink, waterproof
More optimized and deployment scheme to comprehensively improve the scratch resistance of the picture, weather resistance can reach more than two years
The characteristics of textile ink are as follows:
First, the procedure is simple: no pre-processing is required, and image color printing can be performed directly
Second, washable: after printing, you can directly wash with washing powder, without fading
3. No touch: color printing on pure cotton fabric does not have any touch
Fourth, bright colors,
Fifth, color images can be printed on black clothing, and the color will not fade after washing
Six, resistant to sunlight, the color does not change after exposure to sunlight
7. The ink is smooth and can be placed normally for a week, and the color printing can be normal after starting



Pigment ink K3 for Epson Stylus Pro 7890 9890 7900 9900 plotter




1. Import high grade raw material, fluent printing, will not hurt the printhead, no jam to printhead.


    suitable for high speed and continuous printing.


2. Special color revise management, bright color in picture, reducibility is nice.


3. Moderate rate of drying, good compatibility, nice stability, no rough edge, and satisfy customer’s needs.


4. These series ink is used for advertising inkjet, MK color ink tone is deep enough, can reach 3.6D,


    can satisfy the need for print plate making..


5.11 or 9 color “Vivid color HDR” pigment ink, waterproof and sunshine resistant.




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